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Abundant Wellness

Balanced Love

Are you ready to allow the light to shine on your blindsides?

You feel a calling for more, yet don't know how to access it within yourself.

You are ready to discover the Who of You by transforming from Who am I? to Who I AM!

The journey of re-discovering YOU is not easy, yet the concept is simple.

Stress Release tools and Relationship Translation guidance are included with every session.

I serve as the Guide/the Light that shines so that you may see where you have been blind.

Mastery of Self is the first relationship that deserves all your attention. Gaining sight beyond sight so you may unlearn and relearn yourself in the way you came here to be

I AM ready to evolve!

Krista VonWiller, ‚ÄčEmotional Wellness Strategist

"Emotions are a powerful perspective to Master." ~Krista VonWiller

An Idea is Born

In 2009 Krista tapped into the Law of Attraction (inadvertently) and manifested the next phase of her life...a son/family. She knew that her ordinary/societal conformist life was on the verge of evolving towards extraordinary.

During this next phase she consciously decided to learn about herself. She then began her journey of "unlearning and relearning."

Death and Rebirth

Following her son's birth in 2010 she fell into a longing for her previous life. That feeling lasted two long years. For the first time in her life she knew what it felt like to leave one lifetime and transform into another.

Krista left her well-paying position as a Human Resources Professional and dove into motherhood. After detaching from her role in HR, she learned quickly that her work environment was extremely toxic and something she did not desire to return to.

Then it hit was she going to "make a living" if she was no longer interested in working within the corporate infrastructure?

The Calling

In 2013, Krista felt the calling for more. She needed guidance and knew that the answers she sought were available.

Following two (2) years of open focus, she realized that a huge cause of suffering is not having a calm and clear perspective of one's emotional attachment and response.

It was then that she stepped into a portion of her life purpose as a Relationship Coach/Emotional Wellness Strategist, excited to guide others on their path to empowered emotional self-care.

Questions before booking your coaching session?

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