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Abundant Wellness

Massage Kneads You!

**Table Treatments are for Referrals only**

MKY specializes in individual care with a focus on relaxation and restoration.

MKY Clients enjoy a transformational journey of mind and body stress release.

The energy and touch therapy techniques applied allow the Client to move out of their busy mind and into the awareness of their body.


One massage each week, every two weeks or monthly is the best way to create and sustain the stress release your mind and body desire and deserve.


If you love massage then give your body what is calls for and book your treatment(s) today!

Packages are available and encouraged for those ready to begin/continue

their transformational journey towards ease and calm.


Gratuity is gratefully accepted and not ever expected.

Accepted Payment Options:  Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Credit Card

I am ready to book my massage!

Click to View Table Massage Options/Pricing

Click to view Mobile Chair Massage Options/Pricing

Residential Chair Massage

Need your massage service to come to you?

Massage Kneads You happily offers mobile chair massage to accommodate clients that desire to receive

restoration and relaxation within the comfort of their own home.

Mobile Chair Massages last up to 20 minutes and include head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back.

Corporate Chair Massage

Are you an employer seeking new ways to increase productivity, lower stress and reduce absenteeism

while boosting morale and lowering health and workers' compensation costs?

Show your employees you value their health and wellness by offering relaxing and restorative chair massage.

Your organization's bottom line is at stake when your staff isn't at their best.

Invest in their wellness and success by choosing to offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly chair massage to your team.

MKY looks forward to supporting the team of people that keep your organization running.

Massage Social

Get up to 4 of your closest tribe members and book a Massage Social

at your selected location (Home or Private Venue).

Massage Kneads You! provides the massage chair and 20 minute massages. You provide the refreshments.

Get your gang together for some casual and easy going relaxation and restoration.

Cost:  Host(ess) is FREE, or 50% off a future table treatment, plus $40 per participant.

Click to view Gift Certificates, Packages, Subscriptions Options/Pricing

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to spread the massage love!

Gift certificates apply to table massage services only.

Got Employees or Clients?

Purchase a Chair Massage Gift Certificate Bundle to let each of your team know how much you value their commitment, effort and time.

(Services provided at work site or other agreed upon location.)


Why choose a massage package?

A massage package is  the perfect complement to supporting yourself on your transformational journey towards relaxation and restoration...while saving money!

Purchase a package with a group of friends and you all save!


Ready to begin your transformational wellness journey and on a tighter budget?

Choose the subscription option to receive 3 massages per month and save!!!

Payments are auto-deducted once every two weeks up to 6 payments.

About Krista, Owner & C.M.T.

Krista is a native San Diegan and completed her massage program with 

Mueller College of Holistic Studies in 2007.

Prior to her transition towards holistic health she spent

13 years in the corporate environment as a Human Resources Professional.

As a Certified Massage Therapist, she is focused on guiding her clients

out of their mind (via Emotional Balancing) and into the awareness of their body,

allowing them the best opportunity to receive the full benefit of their massage.

She genuinely enjoys giving massage and knows the healing power that touch therapy offers.

With time spent in high-stress/toxic work environments and her awareness as a touch therapist,

Krista has created an experience that is unique and 100% considerate of her client's needs.

Questions before booking your massage?

Contact Massage Kneads You!