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Abundant Wellness

Mom 'n Son Tie-Dye

Orders are standardly filled within 2 to 3 weeks. Some orders occasionally take longer.

Items shown are indicated as Available or Custom Order.

Custom orders require payment in advance and refunds/exchanges are not available. If you have a concern with your order, please contact us within seven days of receiving your order.

Rainbow Flannel Sheet & Pillow Case - Full (Available)

About Krista & Kairo, Co-Owners

Color Therapy became an expression of our purpose in May of 2020. With extra time on our hands, we discovered the joy of co-creating and wearing tie-dye! Shortly after creating our virgin pieces, we began receiving requests from our community.

We are grateful for the continued interest and support and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the items below.

Please contact us to let us know the type of tie-dye you need in your life.

We are excited to create for you!

~Krista (44) & Kairo (10)~

Questions before placing an order?

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